10 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates

email marketing conversion rates

Now Email has become the oldest marketing tactic in the book. But still, it is a great and efficient way to engage with design while also building connections with existing customers. When it comes to creating your email strategy, what will be most successful depends massively on your target audiences and their preferences.
Here are some best practices adopted by every industry to help advance your email strategy to improve the engagement and overall conversions you are seeing from your marketing emails.

  1. Segments:

You can build the best emails in the business with the best subject line and a great call-to-action, but if you are sending it to the wrong people, all that won’t matter. Segmentation is crucial for ensuring your emails go to the right people to improve your chances of conversions. Whatever you are promoting or whatever effect you want the user to take from the emails needs to join with the list of contacts you send it to, The more segmented the list, the better.

email marketing conversion rates

    2. Choose the correct measure:

The number of emails you send will be very much reliant on the size of your database, your product or service and your overall marketing strategy. Whether it’s once a week or every other day, pick a cadence your teams have the frequency to stick with it. Routine is necessary because it will help your audience get used to seeing your emails on some days. It will also assure you aren’t unknowingly attacking them with emails after emails.

    3. Use suppression lists:

While you should use segmentation to choose the people you want to receive your mail, you can also defeat it to eliminate some groups of people you don’t require to receive them. You can do this for cold buyer personas or ICP’s, several sales stages, people who have low engagement or individuals who don’t match the theme or message of the emails for any purpose.

    4. Be personal:

Studies have found that personalized information always has a monstrous open rate. You might divide your email readers by the type of customers they are, but it shouldn’t be the first thing customer see in your brand messages. Personalizing, the greeting of your emails with your buyers first name: as it clasps the attention of each reader right away.

    5. Consider length:

There is no perfect email length, but in general, keep in mind that you want your content to be read and understood, not neglected. Sometimes this means keeping it short and sweet to provide value that is easy to understand and gets right to the point or value.

    6. Write a catchy subject line:

An email title line must be attractive enough that it makes people click it. The subject line must be short and narrative. An interesting subject line helps you set the stage for your first line, as the first lines seem in the preview text on a maximum of the email platforms.

    7. Be deliberate with your sender address:

The first step to getting conversions is to get people to open your emails, and for that to happen, you have to make it to their inbox. When it comes to getting around spam filters and improving open rates, the sender address concerns. Sending from one individual with a personal email address not only helps you pass spam filters but also helps carry a bit of person-to-person connection.

    8. Keep your template simple:

It can be charming to create the most overdesigned template with colour, images, graphics, and lots of different modules. But, emails like that can come off like an ad or screech “marketing automation”. There is value in serving emails to your audience that looks just like a regular email you’d send a coworker. 

    9. Test in multiple Email Clients:

Before you hit the send button, preview your emails and be sure that your images, buttons show up perfectly. Not all email customers allow for pictures to get automatically pop up, and some require a download. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use images, but be aware that it may require recipients to take an extra step to see the picture. 

    10. Monitor performance metrics:

While conversion rates are your final goal with emails, you can also use tricks like open rates, unsubscribe and bounce rate to help cover the whole picture of what’s going on with your emails over time. As you get testing out various styles, techniques, designs and cadence, these metrics will help you find what works best for your audience. If you also wish to have a email marketing conversion rates for your business. Contact Us for our Email Marketing services.