About Us

Zenik Media - Empowering Digital Dreams

While our name Zenik Media derives from the Bosnian mythology, our deeds are a progressive sign for enterprises across the globe. Zenik Media is a performance marketing agency in Indore, India with its reach spanning across the hemisphere. Our team of affiliate marketing managers, email analysts, comprehensive digital strategists and their likes are determined to assist your digital marketing aspirations in every field of choice.

What we do

Performance Marketing: Our Bread & Butter

We at Zenik Media connect worldwide networks with most promising affiliates/publishers to generate quality leads and help them to grow with our dedicated live support.

When it comes to your performance marketing aspirations, our services revolve around the nitty-gritty’s of it to simplify the intricate. With every step of digital marketing more important for a progressive approach, our expertise in all its fields gives the clients an edge when it comes to their online presence. As for the comprehensive approach towards different marketing channels, our technologies champion your funnel from the top to bottom.

Creating a Global Network – one account at a time

Affiliate marketing has its direct financial upsides and anyone who’s blogged for a website or dipped its toes in the money-making pool knows that. At Zenik Media, we ensure an extensive one-stop-solution promise thanks to our global affiliate marketing network. Our account managers have a fail-proof strategy to ordain a web of advertisers and publishers to make ends meet, lubricating a cycle of qualitative flow of quantitative revenue and leads.

Why Choose Us?

Be it your performance marketing needs or your next affiliate marketing venture, here are a few more reasons why you should go with Zenik Media.

Our Zenik Media team of account managers is high on java and full of humility. We are here to offer our help round the clock for any problems that shall arise.

We provide you the best performing offers in multiple verticals and channels across the globe.

Affiliate marketers; look no further for publishers and advertisers with full transparency, maximum honesty and lip-smacking payouts for both.

Based On our Payment Cycle we always process the payment before Deadline.

Our squad follows the best practices in performance as well as affiliate marketing ventures and has certifications to show for it on paper.

Our transactions don’t revolve around money but the bond of trust and expectations between our clients and our cute little team of Zeniks.

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