SMTP Server Provider​

SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol is the production model to send emails on the internet. It uses simple authentication that improves the chances that your emails will get addressed to users inboxes.

There are both funded and open SMTP service providers. You can get a free SMTP statement with a business email address from Google.
However, there is a deadline on how many emails you can send doing traditional email services. Frequently, these autonomous email providers like Gmail or Outlook don’t want you to function their SMTP servers for electronic emails like those provided by a WordPress website.

That is why one wants to sign up with one of the well-known SMTP service providers to ensure that your emails are assuredly delivered.
Why worry? We at Zenik Media offer very plentiful SMTP plans that are good enough for your business.


A high-quality SMTP service is everything to a business. And there are both secure services that come as free or paid results from alleged providers. As always, we don’t aimlessly suggest going for paid versions of any software or resolutions. A much depends on your organization’s requirements. If you’re scanning for an SMTP server for an SMB whose constituents are not tricky, you can take the free SMTP hosting services, but you should know that there are often significant elements that these free SMTP email services cannot match.
One common distinctive feature is the number of emails per day or month that the server can check. Many free SMTP server services have some restrictions that may not work for large organizations. Paid entertained SMTP services are respectively helpful for mass email marketing. Zenik Media offers you the best plans from which you can choose a plan that covers all your necessities in terms of the number of emails you can send.


We put the Simple in Mail Transfer Protocol

Reaching out to your audience is easier and more complex than ever at the same time. This oxymoronic situation calls for a rather uncomplicated solution of reaching out to your audience through SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – for macro-level communication and a reach that expands your horizon. While the technology itself sounds complicated with its jargons and designs and codes, a simple SMTP server provider like Zenik media makes your experience painless.

Three steps to a breezy email marketing experience

  1. Perfect message design: We design your message with templates that suit your dynamic, are out of the box, and woo your audience for more conversions.
  2. Personalized content: Communicating to thousands at once doesn’t mean it can’t be a personal affair. Our algorithm addresses the individual’s pain points.
  3. Astute delivery: Let us take the wheel when it comes to the hard stuff. Send emails on the right time, optimize them, and A/B test away to success.
Revolutionizing your journey to the Inbox
We aspire to maximize our deliverability rates to reach into your potential customers’ inboxes. That’s not where the story ends with Zenik Media, as our tactful subject line markers and in-mail tags personalize the email mechanism to the fullest by addressing your prospects’ problems. This leads to a personal connect with your potential customer, persuading them to open up their inbox and of course, increasing your offer’s chances to get clicked through. We all know what happens next.
Masters of affiliate marketing campaigns

Majority of affiliate marketing campaigns fail – not because the offer wasn’t good enough or the creative couldn’t be more aesthetically appealing, but because it never makes its way into the end user’s mailbox. While this can be blamed on plenty of reasons, the primary one that’s often ignored is lack of a proper SMTP server. Zenik Media’s server specializes in sending out offers with links attached and creatives built in the right manner. With all the important tools to guide you through, your affiliate marketing campaign will surely witness a positive outcome.

This guarantees a wholesome experience that adds up to opens, clicks, and ultimately, conversions. Our fruitful relationship with top email providers helps our case and you benefit from it. We are the bulk mailing server and our bulk mailing software yields high results. What’s the wait? Give Zenik Media’s SMTP a whirl today!