Billions of people hunt the web every day. Search engine marketing is how you can showcase your ads in front of these future clients where it scores: in premium places on the first page of search results. You set your budget and are applied only when your ad has clicked. It makes SEM an affordable way to reach more clients for companies of all sizes – including yours.

What is search engine marketing?

If you have noticed ads appearing at the top or right of search engines, you previously know what SEM is? When your ads perform in these optimal, clearly visible places, your business might have an advantage over your opposition. Plus, most searchers only click on the first few results, which gives these prime ad spots a visual aid to reach the study of your future customers.

How it works:

  1. People seek online for products or help –

They enter research phrases into search engines like Microsoft Bing.

     2. These searches then find your ad – 

If the keywords in your ad level a search, your ad will resemble next to it or above search results on Bing.

     3. Customers reach out to you –

You can compose your ad so that people have the power to call you, visit your website, or go directly to your door.

Search engine marketing covers all the tools, techniques, and strategies that help optimize the clarity of websites and web pages in search engines such as Google and other similar sites.


There are two main ways to display up at the lid of the result.

  1. Organic or natural result – 

These are usually presented in the center of the page and get chosen by Google’s algorithm. This algorithm estimates both the pertinence of the website and the authority of the website.

      2. Paid results – 

These get presented at the top of the page but in a post on the right. Unlike organic results, the promoter must pay a certain amount for each click on their advertisement. It is assured to use platforms such as google ads to showcase your brand advertisements on Google.


What value does SEM add to your business?

  1. Generate highly qualified traffic – 

Generating traffic naturally can be a long and tiresome process where the results seem to be in the long term. SEM allows you to expedite this process and get users to your website from the beginning.

     2. Generates visibility –

Appearing in the top results of Google and other search engines correlates your brand with a specific need even if the user does not click the first time, they see it.

     3. Generates conversions – 

The ultimate goal of google ads and other search engine marketing tools is to enhance business results. To do this, you will need to design optimized landing pages that put users on the path to progress.

Scalable Pay-Per-Click ROIs with a slice of Passion

With search engine marketing delivering the sucker punch to close millions of deals in the digital era, paid media becomes an indispensable part of your organization’s marketing funnel. With precision in tracking the data and transparency in our analytics, Zenik Media makes lucrative PPC campaigns a dream come true. To be immaculate involves tailoring every campaign as per the client’s expectations and we make it happen with our experience in the field of PPC.

Search Engine Marketing that makes every word count

Advertising on search engines isn’t just the work of our keyword warriors. They work in tandem with our team of meticulous wordsmiths that craft perfect copies and make every keyword resilient in its place, leading campaigns to maximum conversions. Be it Google Ad-words or Bing Ads or any other search engine prominent in our clients’ domain, our precise ad placements are driven with intent to initiate impact on all keywords.

Watertight process that leads to quantitative results:

  1. Defining your performance goals

Our campaigns aren’t made out of a backdated template. We analyze your targets, goals, and your business policy to maximize the impact of our campaigns by aiming it for your goals in question. This keeps our mission clear and your vision crystal.

  1. Tracking & reviewing historic data

Every organization has tried their hand at search engine marketing. Some might have hit the sweet spot while some might have missed. We analyze your historic data and nurture insights that give an idea about what works, what doesn’t, and what was missed out upon.

  1. Keyword building & targeting

Every successful campaign has a target audience behind it. Those “how to…” queries and bang-on point keywords are derived upon by our analysts after immense scrutiny of what top results they bring after every single search, bringing you within a touching distance of your prospects.

  1. Curating ad copies & creatives

Our team of wordsmiths makes the most of these targeted keywords and examines what kinds of copies are bearing results on them. Seeking inspiration and spicing it up with a tad bit of creative flair, the ad copies are sent out to be created and brought to life.

  1. Landing page optimization

Your point of sale focal point is the landing page and meanwhile many use the same old format without inspecting the impact its elements hold within, we examine every field of that landing page to minimize drop-offs and maximize click-through till the leads are submitted.

We are proudly Google ads partners and a Google ads agency specializing in search engine advertising. Talk to us and get a quote