Email Marketing

Email marketing is a kind of marketing that can get the clients on your email list notified of new products, refunds, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your readers on the value of your brand or keep them occupied between purchases.

Email marketing is an important marketing channel, a form of personal marketing, even digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It can help make your clients aware of your latest items or offers by linking them to your marketing automation efforts.

It can also play a vital role in your marketing strategy with lead creation, brand awareness, building links or keeping clients connected between purchases through different types of marketing email.

Advantages of email marketing

    1. Email is permission-based –

When a customer gives you their email address, that means they want to be directed by you through email. Gaining admission to enter rather than showing up unwanted advances the chances of engagement.

         2. Personalization capabilities –

You can use demographic data to generate personalized and hyper-targeted operations. Research shows segmented and customized campaigns help you to increase revenue.

         3. Measurable – 

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing operations is crucial, and automated email marketing makes including your campaign a breeze.

email marketing

  4. Allows your direct way to your audience –

You can interact directly with subscribers on their schedules. In interest, because people monitor their emails daily, your emails have a chance to be viewed. 

5. Scalable –

Email marketing campaigns can ascend without putting pressure on your resources or compromising your position.

 6. Provide you more control –

With most other marketing programs, you don’t own the platform. If the policies cease to exist, all your hard work sinks with them.

With email, you own the bonds you forge with your supporters.

email marketing

Disadvantages of email marketing:

  1. You need an email list:

With email marketing, you must have an email list for your campaigns to be effective.

      2. Delivery and deliverability issues:

Getting your email to get in the receiver’s inboxes is not warranted. To run powerful email marketing campaigns, you must fight delivery and deliverability issues.

      3. Tough competition – 

Standing out in a cluttered inbox can be quite a hurdle. You have to be inventive to ensure your emails get noticed and opened.

      4. Tricky rules and regulations to navigate –

There are a lot of rules dictating the use of email for commercial plans. You only can’t send an email without a proper format because without a conventional form, it will look unprofessional.

Emails to get your audience clicking

Email marketing is the cornerstone of all your performance marketing aspirations. Hence, it should be savvy, lucrative, and fit as a fiddle. 

We at Zenik Media aspire to make the most of this medium in obtaining prospects, educating them about our clients’ services in tactful emails, and driving them down the digital marketing funnel.

We have joined hands with a battalion of business partners with an aspiration to harness maximum ROIs and reaching a wider set of audiences from a single location. 

Email marketing is a game of numbers and having the right idea that seldom comes from experience that our team wears like a badge. An amazing email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be clever – it just needs the Zenik touch thanks to our email marketing company.

Strategies that aim for your North Star

What do you aspire to acquire from your email campaign? Be it greeting a new pool of audience with your brand’s objectives or running for prospects that shall develop into long term customers, our list segmentation targets sources for warm leads with proper list segmentation.

By targeting users on the basis of their behavior, we at Zenik Media are an email marketing agency that carves out the quintessential lead sketch which should flow down the funnels. 

All our plans of actions are meant to shoot for your end goal—a target that you write on that whiteboard in every annual meeting. 

Email marketing is a medium that we specialize in and we get your outbound strategies on the right track with proper outreach.

 The haven for your affiliate marketing offers

Being an advertiser, it’s crucial for your offers to reach a vast set of audience that not only relate to the service or product in the mail, but click through it for maximum conversions. 

 We promote your offers to a set of high quality leads (and medium or low quality ones too, if need be) to ensure a high degree of open rates with tactful creative placement to the right audiences. 
Our leads are freshly updated for every niche in the book.


Your wish is our Email Command

Use our email marketing services for:

  1. Polls & Surveys: Know what the audience thinks about your brand with actionable polls and surveys.
  2. CSR & Public Relations: Show that your brand cares responsibly – promote social activities to your stakeholders. 
  3. Lead Generation: Approach those blips on your prospect pool that will surely be your next customers. 

 Zenik Media’s email mailing and email marketing services use bulk email senders as well as email platforms to cast our spells. Book a quote today!

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