Redefining the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing Features

Running from one network to another, managing excruciating chains of emails, keeping up with the URL-switching – we have been on the receiving end of all the affiliate marketing problems that arise as an advertiser and as a publisher. As problems bloom out the best of solutions, we at Zenik Media have built an exhaustive affiliate marketing network that encompasses everything and more when it comes to the whole cycle. In order to achieve that, our myriad of features adds up to a fulfilling experience.

End-to-end Program Management Features

  • Directly in contact with multiple advertising networks
  • Comprehensive assessment of publisher websites
  • Tracking dashboards that work from end to end

Number-based Tracking & Analytics

  • Prime focus on lead generation
  • Secure management of database
  • Network built on members’ efficiencies

Your Personal Affiliate Concierge

  • Dedicated affiliate managers for each account
  • Immaculate insights on affiliate strategies
  • Tips and walkthroughs across different verticals

Smartly Optimized Campaigns

A Thriving Affiliate Community

  • Provide tools and creative tips to assist affiliates in increasing sales.
  • Take advantages of accessible communication tools to increase engagement and gather feedback.
  • Set up forums or other channels to create networking opportunities. 

How We Cast Our Spell

The Affiliate marketing journey is based on the holy trinity of advertisers, publishers, and the end consumer. Zenik Media regulates the perfect match between the former two so that the latter has a fruitful experience without a sliver of mistrust.

For Advertisers

With a vast network of publishers on the other end of that dashboard, our advertisers get drafted to websites with prolific domain authorities and a healthy base of audience. Not only does this result in top notch leads in terms of quality, but a high brand stature in terms of the promoted offer.

For Publishers

With a direct advertising network, we vouch for the quality of offers you run in every vertical. With a lot of malicious tracking links doing rounds, it’s tough to figure out the legitimacy but not anymore, as we ensure the quality of every URL and every offer’s content, let alone its returns.

For The Consumer (B2B/B2C)

The end customer is king and especially when it comes to the B2B clients who expect no less than full integrity, our background checks on advertisers and publishers make us a trustworthy source for every campaign that’s run under the name of Zenik Media.

Ready To Hear The “Ka-Ching”?

That’s the sweet sound of progressive results, high-quality leads, lucrative offers and monetized campaigns. Do you want to make it yours? Talk to us now!

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