Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a continuous task that serves you to build, encourage, and maintain your brand name and its good position online. Much like established reputation management, it’s all about perception.

Your business; online reputation concludes how others look at your business when they search for or topple on it online. Consequently, online reputation management proactively defines what erudition people will find.

For more, numerous strategies and techniques can help you push damaging and malicious content further down the Google search engine results pages by ranking your own or third-party more popular material above it. ORM is not only about maintaining content in search engines. It’s also about checking negative business reviews and encouraging happy clients to provide more positive feedback.

Online reputation management differs in that you are not following the press or immersing headlines. You install strategies to create, improve, and respond to online reviews customers leave about your small business.

What does online reputation management typically involve?
  1. Deploying: Deploying ORM software to entreat reviews from customers and assign them to popular online review sites.
  2. Add: Adding review schema markup to your website.
  3. Proactive: Being proactive about asking customers to give online reviews about your business.
  4. Respond: Respond to all positive and negative reviews to either thank the customer for their great feedback or address the matter.
  5. Promotion: Developing positive reviews through multiple owned or paid channels.
online reputation management
online reputation management
ORM has four distinct digital marketing channels, and they are the PESO Model.

Paid media:

Paid media encompasses all the marketing efforts which require payment to feature your business on external websites and networks. It includes PPC advertising with Google AdWords and displays ads on Facebook.

Paid media helps you to drive traffic to your webpage by creating a new relationship with partners.

Earned media:

Earned media represents the coverage of your business on outside web entities for which you did not have to spend. It helps you stand out divergent from your opponents with great content, products, or services that users consider worth sharing, reposting, and reviewing

Social media:

Profiles or pages on social media are an adjunct of your brand and create additional avenues for people to interact. When it comes to social properties, it is essential to commit the resources to stay active on them by engaging in conversations and publishing fresh content regularly. It is always better to have an inactive social media account rather than having no social media account.

Owned properties:

Your owned properties are your business websites and blogs, which means you have complete control over them. Naturally, the more properties you have, there are more chances of you building your digital presence. At the same time, you do not want to get confused by establishing properties that can not get modified from one another.

We prove your critics wrong—real quick.

Being in the business environment, it’s safe to say that there are good moments and bad. With every brand and organization built on the cornerstone of integrity and trust, bad reviews and undue negative comments hurt the image. 

Zenik Media goes down to the bottom of every review and malicious comment to fix it the right way. After all, the best way to curb bad PR is online reputation management, wherein negative content is taken care of by us.

Don’t like what Google says about you?

Search engines bring up some maligning results on your brand name and an enterprise’s online checkup is a preliminary routine for any customer or potential business partner.

These negative bits and pieces can lead to loss of repute and a huge financial gap in the name of negative connotations. 

We tie up the dirty laundry as an online reputation management agency and make it go away with good publicity and the right PR tactics for an accurate representation of your brand. 
Dynamic tactics for a progressive repute

We stay updated with the latest search engine algorithms in order to keep up with the crawling bots, what triggers the negative response, and ratifying the truth while sealing the false information. 

Zenik Media’s differential tactics ensure positive results without failure, thanks to our brand reputation management services. 

online reputation management

Get rid of Internet Defamation

Not only does negative reputation take the trajectory of your business downhill, but it leads to an immense impact on your personal well-being. This leads to cranky meetings, slump in sales, and a lot of customers potentially walking out the door.

 Put an end to it all with our online reputation management strategies, which not only create and promote jovial and positive content for your enterprise, but ranks it up, on the search engines for maximum impact in as little time as fathomable.

By suppressing and shedding the content from search engine result pages, the deed is done without a minimum of fuss. It’s not like uprooting a tree and planting it again, but rather plucking a few bad apples and dealing with them once and for all.

 Do you want to learn more about how our online reputation management operations work in action? Book a call with us before it’s too late!