The Ultimate Guide to Short-term Video

How do you define short-form video content?
Short-form videos are video that lasts for less than 60 seconds, while some marketers argue they may last up to three minutes. Short-form videos are made to be easily consumed in small, manageable bits that viewers may swipe through and watch multiples of at once.

The importance of short-form video content-
If your company is not already producing short-form video content, you need to start because it is one of the most well-liked types of social media content.

The following are some pertinent statistics that demonstrate the significance of short-form video content:

The first short-form video network, TikTok, has generated 1 billion subscribers in just six years, making it the fastest-growing social media platform. 73% of customers said they prefer watching short videos to understand more about a good or service.

The most effective medium for generating leads and driving engagement is short-form video. Almost one-third (30%) of all short-form videos are to completion (81%).
Users spend an average of 45 minutes at a time watching TikTok videos, according to 47% of marketers who concur.
Short-form video is engaging, compelling, and has higher conversion. There is no better moment than the present to begin producing short-form video content, even though the ideal time to do so was yesterday.

Most Popular Platforms for Short Videos

There are three primary short-form video platforms accessible. While Vine’s
introduction in 2020 catalyzed the short-form video push with its six-second recordings, the excitement fizzled out quickly. Then, Musically
established to produce rapid lip-sync videos, acquired by TikTok and re-established as the industry pioneer we know and love today.

Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts were introduced as a response to TikTok popularity, respectively, and as a way for both platforms to capitalize on the trend.


The first of the sites for short-form videos on our list, TikTok, debuted in 2016. Although the TikTok platform is for short-form video, the app has included a BeReal-competitive feature called TikTok Now.
In addition, TikTok features a fantastic Discover area that many users use as a search engine to find material, instructions on how to accomplish things, etc.

Instagram Reels

As a photo-sharing app, Instagram debuted in 2010 and has steadily expanded. Instagram introduced Instagram Reels, its kind of short videos, in 2019. Currently, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, owns Instagram.
To access Reels, users can tap on the icon in the center of the home screen. With the Instagrams algorithm, Reels have become quite popular, and simply scrolling through your page will probably bring a lot of Reels to the front and center. Tap the Reel to open it, then scroll down to see more, just like on TikTok.

YouTube Shorts

Since its 2005 debut, YouTube has maintained its position as the top video platform. It makes sense that they would want to establish themselves in the short-form video industry.
On the YouTube main page, you can find suggested shorts, or you may view them by selecting the Shorts icon in the bottom menu and scrolling up to see a new video after each one.

Top Tips for Short-Form Video Content
Are you prepared to start producing your catchy short videos? As you design, keep these ten excellent practices in mind.

1. Keep an eye on current trends

You must first invest time in watching material on the short-form video platforms to generate content that is appropriate for these platforms. Although this is an enjoyable phase, be careful to manage your time well.


2. Introduce a hook

These platforms for short-form videos are designed for consumers to swiftly switch between videos by scrolling up. It suggests that it is easy for viewers to swipe past your video if it does not immediately catch their attention. To combat this, start with a hook. You may do this by beginning your recording with something visually appealing or making sure your sound is attention-grabbing.


3. Use long videos for new purposes

Use the lengthy films you have already paid for if you have them. Using a video editing program, you may quickly trim the material to suit a vertical screen and choose segments from recordings. It is a fantastic method to begin posting short-form material while you still polish your plan and generate concepts.


4. Limit the duration to 60 seconds.

The best case scenario is less than 60 seconds—or even occasionally less than 15 seconds—although some movies, such as in-depth instructional or tales, could exceed the 3-minute TikTok cap. It ensures that your video is bite-sized.


5. Share Frequently

You must consistently publish new videos if you want results from your short-form video content. Try to update at least once a day, if not daily. This suggests that viewers can swipe past your video if it does not immediately attract their attention.


6. Publish on Different Platforms

You do not need to develop unique tactics for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, which we have already covered, but it is significant.
While you might decide to post certain films on only one of those sites, your short videos can publish on all three.


Become an expert in short-form video strategy.
Include brief video content in your marketing plan. Learn about other short-form video trends to integrate into your planning and aid in coming up with video ideas. Then begin producing, posting, and seeing the influx of interaction.