The Companies that have cut ties with Russia over its war in Ukraine

From social media giants to chipmakers and video game publishers, several tech companies are discontinuing business with Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. More than 400 companies have declared their withdrawal from Russia since the start of the war. 

Here is some news of what the major tech companies have declared so far:

  1. Qualcomm – 

The US chipmaker company declared that it had already stopped selling its products to Russian companies in adherence with US sanctions against Moscow.

This news was publically verified when the company replied on a Twitter post by the Ukrainian Vice prime minister demanding the company to “stop all operations and supplies” in Russia.

Qualcomm tweeted, “We have ceased selling products to Russian companies and concede with US sanctions”.

      2. Google – 

The alphabet-owned company said that Youtube and Google Play were discontinuing all payments-based services in Russia, including subscriptions, driving a sudden loss of income for Russian YouTube creators.

Google had earlier banned Russian state media platforms from managing ads on its platforms, barricaded mobile apps connected to media outlets RT and Sputnik from its play store, removed the Publishers from Google news and denied them from YouTube across Europe.

It has now stopped all its monetisation components, including YouTube Premium, channel memberships, super chat and merchandise, from observers in Russia.

    3. Coinbase – 

The cryptocurrency trading platform has barred over 25000 IP addresses linked to Russian individuals or commodities it believed to be amusing in criminal activity and defended itself against lawsuits that Moscow could dodge international boycotts using crypto.


    4. PayPal – 

The online payments company closed down its services in Russia after it halted accepting new users in Russia earlier in the week. A company spokesperson told Euronews Next, at the time that Paypal would resume to process customer withdrawals “for some time, assuring that account credits get distributed in line with appropriate laws and regulation”. The company would not give a precise deadline.

     5. Apple – 

Apple has paused all sales of its physical products in Russia, provincial Russian access to digital services like Apple Pay, and intercepted RT News and Sputnik from its App Store outside of Russia.

In Ukraine, the company also mutilated both traffic and live happening features in its Apple Maps “as a security and preventive action for Ukrainian citizens,” amid fears that Russia could target specific areas using these tools.

    6. Meta – 

Meta declared that Facebook pages and Instagram accounts belongings to RT and Sputnik would no longer be available within the European Union.

Russia’s national telecommunications controller hit back by securing entry to Facebook in the country, in reaction to what it called “bias” against Russian state media.

On March 14, Russia also barred access to Instagram after Meta said it would temporarily permit social media users in Ukraine to post calls for brutality against Russian invaders.

    7. Microsoft –

Microsoft said it was suspending all deals of its products and services in Russia over what it characterised as the country’s “unjustified, unprovoked and illegal aggression” of Ukraine. The software giant is also committed to helping support Ukraine against Russian cyberattacks.

     8. Netflix –

Netflix has halted its service in Russia. The streaming service has also paused all future Russian projects and investments, and four original sequences are determined and put on hold.

     9. Nokia – 

The Finnish network supplies maker said it would stop deliveries to Russia to concede with boycotts imposed on the country. Nokia usually delivers MTS, Vimpelcom, Megafon and Tele2 in Russia.

“Our view is that the security of our workers is paramount”, a Nokia spokesperson told Europeans Next.

   10. Booking and Airbnb – 

The online travel agency and the home rental firm have ceased operations in Russia. Airbnb is now also waiving visitor and host fees on all bookings in Ukraine, and thousands of people with no goals to visit are utilising the forum to send money to surrounding locals, along with messages of support.  

    11. Snapchat –

Snapchat parent Snap has blocked all promotion running in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and says; that it no longer receives revenue from Russian state-owned commodities. The group has also dedicated $15 million in humanitarian help to Ukraine.

    12. IBM –

The tech giant said that it had halted all business in Russia, and its branches had set up an interactive map combining IBM workers and contractors bolting Ukraine with company coworkers in Europe able to help them with lodging, transportation, or supplies.