Google ads vs Facebook ads unfolding the difference

Ever since digital marketing has extended its tentacles worldwide, individuals have different ways to do business online through Google and Facebook. It comes to a definite insight that Google and Facebook have been the verges for people looking for advertising to gain maximum visibility to develop leads and new consumers. Without further due, let’s try to examine both marketing and selling.

Google ads vs Facebook ads

Although the two platforms get usually placed as opponents, nothing could be further from the fact in a practical sense. Numerous businesses are holding the powers of advertising on Google and Facebook Ads in a show to gain the highest visibility, improve leads and sales, and find new consumers, embracing different techniques that align with the capabilities of each platform and seeing a tremendous return on their advertising expend.

Difference between the two:

Google ads – Paid search –

Google ads, previously known as google ad words, is the world’s enormous and most widespread PPC advertising platform. It is so widely used that it has become interchangeable with the phrase paid search. The paid search concentrates on the targeting of keywords and the use of text-based advertisings.

Advertisers using Google bid on keywords – precise words and terms contained in search queries entered by Google users – with the expectancy that their ads will get depicted alongside search results for these questionings. Every time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser gets charged a specific amount of money, thus the expression “pay per click advertising”.

Facebook Ads – Paid Social –

Facebook ads are a premium illustration of what is known as “paid social”, or the method of advertisement on social networks. With the highest number of monthly active users of any social network on the earth, Facebook has evolved a highly competitive and potentially lucrative component of many businesses digital advertising plans.

Also, broadcasting on Facebook can be considered as equivalent to Google ads, in that advertising using both platforms are effectively advertising their enterprise via the Internet, that’s where the similarities end. Unlike paid search, which enables companies to find new consumers via keywords, paid social permits users to find businesses based on the items they are inquisitive in and how they act online.


When it comes to the prior disparity between the two Ads, you can think of it this way: Google Ads helps you uncover new clients, while Facebook helps new consumers discover you.

Google ads and Facebook ads: which one should you use?

Both google ads and Facebook ads are effective advertising platforms that cater to practically every type of business. When estimating each solution’s resilience and possible applications, it is also apparent that the two media should be considered in a complementary rather than competing; manner. Some people urge on resembling Facebook ads to the Google display network, and the two media share some likenesses how the two platforms have developed unaided of one another indicates that Google and Facebook must get to be used in concert, not in opposition.

Harnessing the strength of both paid search and paid social is an incredibly effective advertising technique. However, it necessitates a double advertising technique that aligns with the potency of each platform. Though commerce messaging can – and conceivably should – stay invariant across both Google and Facebook ads, it is essential to comprehend how nicely to use each platform for the highest ROI and more effective business growth.