The long going discussion regarding the effectiveness of traditional marketing and digital marketing is still an evergreen topic between youngsters and adults.

A lot of people think that digital marketing has owned the place of traditional marketing. Though it is true, many people have turnabout from reading a virtual newspaper to an e-newspaper.

traditional marketing


It is very familiar to everyone out there. Digital marketing is nothing but the marketing activities done on the online platform. As technology is developing, so is digital marketing growing. Digital marketing is as same as traditional marketing; only the difference is that it uses digital devices for its appearance. There are many stages of digital marketing like social media, emails, websites, and so much.

Pros and cons of digital marketing:

Everything has its perks and disadvantages too, have a look:


  1. Building interactions – online marketing is the best way to interact with your audiences. By being active on your social accounts, you can achieve a good number of leads.
  2. It is cost-effective – it allows you to create several campaigns at a low rate.
  3. Results are measurable – it helps in determining how many people clicked your ads by using few metrics.
  4. Higher conversion – it amplifies your conversion, as your online efforts are more likely to bring in customers because the bulk of customers uses the internet.


  1. Highly competitive – nowadays, every company has a social media account, a website, and generally, a digital marketing company only handles these for them, which makes digital marketing very competitive.
  2. Requires a lot of experience – a simple mistake can cause a blunder to your company. To be a giant in digital marketing, one needs to be an expert.
  3. Negative feedbacks – online marketing has everything in a wide range. Your targeted audiences can easily view the information that others have told about your services -good or bad.
traditional marketing


Traditional marketing is the old form of marketing. It has its existence since the time of the 17th century. Conventional marketing strategies involve the culture of channels like newspapers, magazines, television, billboards, and radio ads for interacting with customers.

Traditional marketing is strenuous to ignore. It is always in your face. The main fundamental aspects of conventional marketing remain the same even though it has evolved over the years. Old marketing strategy makes the use of four Ps of marketing, which are:

  1. Product – it can be an intangible item or a good that fulfils the need and wants of the customer.
  2. Price – the cost depends upon how familiar you are with the product. When it comes to demand and supply, the price needs to be kept in mind.
  3. Place – placing the right product and the right time and place in front of your targeted audience is about what traditional marketing relies on upon.
  4. Promotion – the way you show your product to your targeted audience is known as promotion.

Pros and cons of traditional marketing:

Like digital marketing, traditional marketing also has some pros and cons –



  1. It helps you to connect a longer and a broader audience at a time – the most significant advantage of traditional marketing is that you can target an audience based on specific demographics on a larger scale.
  2. Creates credibility – when someone watches the ad on television, there are very high chances that they think about your company and its product.
  3. Connects you emotionally – it helps you to communicate to your audiences more emotionally and effectively.


  1. Results are not measurable – in traditional marketing, one cannot measure the size of how many people have viewed their ads. That can be a vast disadvantage.
  2. Highly expensive – running a traditional marketing campaign requires an enormous amount of fundings to function suitably.


It has proven that both digital marketing and traditional marketing have their importance in different aspects of things. One certainly cannot rule out the importance of one of these forms of marketing to favour the other one.

Digital marketing can be the ruling party as of now but, traditional marketing has been the king of marketing for ages.

Comparing these two can be treated as an injustice because both have different impacts in today’s world.